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Eggs Catalan – Barcelona Breakfast

Add some continental flair to your breakfast with this Catalonia favourite.

The Catalan region of Spain is known for its fierce sense of independence, its year-round sunshine, and its incredible food. This recipe combines those ideas and flavours to give you a great mix.

The main companant of Eggs Catalan is the ‘pan tomaquet’. This is fresh crusty bread smothered in delicious grated fresh tomatoes and olive oil.

Ingredients: Crusty white bread – Fresh tomatoes – Olive Oil – Serano Ham – Coriander – Poached Egg

Method: Grate the whole tomato into a bowl and mix in a generous splash of olive oil, some salt and pepper. Smother the tomato spread onto toasted fresh crusty bread. Place your egg on top of the bread, and garnish with chopped serano ham. To complete the flavour profile add some finely chopped coriander on top of the ham.

Enjoy with: Black coffee

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