eggs ecuadorean

Eggs Ecuadorean – ‘Huevos Ecuatoriano’

Perched on the Equator, Ecuador is a hotbed of culinary delights and fresh ingredients.

Add the fresh taste of tropical Latin America to your breakfast with this delicious take on poached eggs. Sitting on the Equator, Ecuador is hot all year round – especially on the coast. To cope with the heat Ecuadorean flavours are balanced and fresh, and make a delicious addition to the humble poachie.

The main element to Eggs Ecuadorean is ‘salsa de cebolla’ – a delicious tangy topping guarenteed to get you wide awake in the morning.

Ingredients: Onion – Fresh Coriander – Tomato – Avocado – Lemon Juice – Olive Oil

Method: Finely chop the onion and coriander. Roughly chop the avocado and tomatoes. Mix together with freshly squozen lemon juice and some olive oil. The acid in the lemon juice will take the sting out of the onion, while the coriander will balance the flavours. Pile the salsa generously on top of your eggs.

Base: Serve your poachies on hot buttered crumpets or lightly toasted English muffins.

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