half english breakfast

The Half-Full English

Start the day the right way with a poached twist on a classic.

Ah the famous English breakfast! The culinary pride of the nation and guaranteed to fill you up for the day. But it’s just not practical to scoff down a full English every morning, and probably not too healthy.

For a taste of this legendary breakfast with half the fuss and calories, try this quick and easy homage to the great fry up.

Ingredients: Hash browns – Baked Beans – Poached Egg

Optional Extras: Bacon slice – Mushrooms – Fried Tomato Slices

Method: Oven bake the hash browns until they are crisp and golden. Use two or three hash browns to create a solid foundation, and spoon on some baked beans. Top off your creation with a perfectly poached egg.

For the three-quarters English, add a crispy bacon rasher between the hash brown and bean layers.

Serve With: Tomato ketchup or brown sauce – depending on which side of this great divide you fall on.

Don’t forget to brew yourself a big cup of strong builders tea for the complete experience.

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